User guide

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Assemble the telescopic handle :

1. Screw the three rods of the telescopic handle together.

2. Screw the telescopic handle onto the mop head.

3. Adjust the handle to the desired height using the grey latch.

Pour soap and water into the orange neck :

1. Pour 20 to 30 ml of multi-surface cleaner into the orange neck.

2. Pour 500 to 750 ml of water into the orange neck.

Tips and tricks : If you prefer not to fill the soapy water reservoir through the orange neck, you can remove the lid of the center compartment and pour water and multi-surface cleaner directly.

Soak the microfiber cloth :

1. Unlock the grey latch on the telescopic handle.

2. Connect the center of the mop to the metal rod located at the center of the bucket above the soapy water compartment.

3. Perform a repeated up and down motion while firmly holding the telescopic handle.

Tips and tricks : The faster the head rotates, the smoother your up and down motion will be. Make sure to see orange appearing in the transparent circles ; this indicates that the cleaning is being done correctly.

4. After 5 to 10 seconds of high-speed rotations, disconnect your mop from the metal rod and relock the grey latch.

Begin cleaning your surface :

Rinse the microfiber cloth :

Repeat the previous sequence to soak the microfiber cloth.

Tips and tricks : Make sure to unlock the grey latch before cleaning the microfibers.

Store your ROCO mop for the next use :

1. Empty the soiled water by going over a sink and removing the plug from the bucket.

2. Empty the soapy water from the center compartment by removing the transparent lid.

Tips and tricks : You can also choose to save the soapy water for future cleaning.

3. Rinse the inside of the bucket using the sink and allow the water to drain from the hole. If you have pets, you will notice the hair captured on the cleaning brushes. Remove the hair from the brushes.

4. Dry the bucket with a wipe, then replace the plug.

5. Store the bucket and handle in the designated spot in your home.

Tips and tricks : You can unscrew the three rods of the telescopic handle to store your ROCO mop in a more compact space.

6. Detach and send the microfiber cloth to the washing machine.