ROCO : Our Top 5 Tips to keep your home clean

Keeping your home clean can seem like a daunting task, especially when juggling daily responsibilities. However, with some simple tips and established habits, you can maintain a welcoming and spotless environment. Here are our best tips to help you keep your home clean and fresh.


1. Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Creating a regular cleaning schedule is essential to maintain a clean home. Include tasks such as general cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and daily household chores. This will help you spread out the effort over the week and keep your home in order without doing everything at once.

2. Organize Your Storage Spaces

Well-organized storage spaces make household chores much easier. Invest in practical storage solutions to keep household products within easy reach and to neatly store upholstered furniture and other items.

3. Vacuum and Wash Floors for a Deep Clean

Vacuum floors and carpets to remove dirt and dust particles. Regularly wash floors for a thorough clean. Of course, we recommend using the ROCCO mop, which has been designed to achieve cleaner floors than ever before. In our opinion, cleaning floors with quickly dirtying water is quite counterintuitive. A clean environment can't be achieved without impeccable hygiene. The ROCCO Mop's bucket is designed with two separate compartments to separate clean water from dirty water. This feature ensures that each cleaning is done with genuinely clean water, eliminating the risk of spreading dirt rather than actually cleaning your floor. Pretty clever, isn't it?

4. Use Suitable Cleaning Products

Use specific cleaning products for the bathroom and kitchen to avoid damaging your surfaces with unsuitable products.

5. Plan a Post-Renovation Cleanup or Spring Cleaning

Schedule a full day of cleaning after a renovation or for your spring cleaning to prevent long-term dirt buildup in your home. Additionally, it will be easier to clean everything now than later when additional dirt has accumulated.


By following these tips and incorporating these best practices into your routine, you can maintain your home in impeccable condition. A clean home creates a healthy and pleasant environment for you and your family.


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